Kryptonite Modulus 1010S System Pack

Kryptonite Modulus 1010S System Pack
Counterclockwise: carrying bracket, locking head, cable, cable, keys
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Kryptonite's Modulus 1010S System Pack is not your typical cable lock. It has its own integrated lock, a mounts-almost-anywhere, built-in carrying bracket (the lock clicks onto the bracket), and two noose-type 3.5-foot by 3/8-inch-diameter coiling cables that make locking easier than ever. You also get two keys that can open both locking ports simultaneously. The cables have hook-and-loop straps for easy carrying. And, there are even different types of cables available (sold separately) for different locking applications. This could be the most versatile cable lock ever!

Kryptonite's Key Safe Program is an easy way to ensure you always have access to your lock's capabilities. Simply register your key number with Kryptonite and if you lose your keys, your first set of replacement keys are free!